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Effective Steps To Start A Blog


The very first thought of starting a blog can be terrifying. However, if you hear that there are only 3 things to be taken care in blog writing, would give you a sigh of relief and they are,

1. A domain name to post your blogs
2. A web hosting account
3. Lastly, your valuable time.

The following notes would help you in accomplishing the task

Account setup

You must always choose the right platform to start your blog. Here, is the right choice as they have free versions too. Now, identify a catchy domain name to host your blogs. Domain name is what users would type into open your blogs, like “” Once created, this will be your website, and the next step is to identify a web host to publish your website. On average, creating a domain would cost $14.99 per annum, and web hosting would cost $7.99 per month. There are certain providers available in the market providing free service for beginners. Choose the best option and setup your account.

Setup WordPress

WordPress is the commonly used tool for blog writing, and any services that you use to setup domain nd web host account would provide the setup for this. Follow their steps to install WordPress in your account. There may be certain set ups irrelevant to you need; please ignore them.

Choose a right Theme

As a beginner, it is always better to opt for a free WordPress theme. This is more like a template where you can write your blog with more emotions in order to sync with the mood of the content. Here, you can change the appearance of the theme too.

Post the Blog

After selecting the theme, open the editor and start drafting your content in it. Once the content is over, it is time to publish it on the internet. Choose the apt security settings and the target audiences then, proceed to publish the blog.