Are Inversion Tables Good for Tech Workers?

Working in the tech industry has a lot of positive sides. To begin with, you are paid well. Considering the demand for tech workers today, companies are willing to pay a lot just to get the best people to join their team. Another advantage is that you can even work from home. You don’t have to be employed in a company to work in an actual office. You can work as a freelancer and look for clients online.

The down side though is that you might have to face your computer for several hours in a day. As a result, you experience back problems. You might even suffer from disc herniation especially if you have allowed yourself to not have good posture while working.

This is why you might have to consider the use of inversion tables. In fact, a lot of people are trying them out. They have gradually seen the effects of using this table for their health.

The advantages

It was in 1978 when researchers have realised that this equipment is good for lengthening the spine. It can help reduce the cases of back muscle pain. The reason is that the gravitation effect on the back is reduced. If done on a regular basis, then it can help improve disc herniation problems.

Another advantage is that it helps improve weak backs. You might suffer from this if you have weak sitting posture or you bend your back often. Those who lift heavy objects might also suffer from the same problem. With the help of inversion tables during the therapy, the problem is gradually solved. As a result, you will eliminate the need for surgeries. Back surgeries don’t guarantee positive results, and they also come with a huge risk. They are also extremely painful and would take months before you recuperate. Inversion tables on the other hand will remove the high cost of the operation and will also help save time required on improving your back problem.

Aside from back problems, it is also said that inversion tables can help relieve headaches. They are also effective in relaxing the muscles on the neck, skull and face. This means that there is proper blood flood in the lymphatic system and ultimately prevent recurring headaches.

Give it a try

In short, if you are working in the tech industry and you suffer from back problems, you might want to give the best inversion table for 2017 a try. After all, they are not that expensive. You can bring one home and try to relax by using it. You can also hire a therapist to help you during the process. If done repeatedly, it could lead to the results that you want to see.

There is just a reminder though. You have to understand that this should also be coupled with proper posture. It is not enough to undergo therapy and go back to your usual posture. It may feel good for a while, but it will go back to problems again.

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