How To Fix Common Errors In WordPress


WordPress is a tool which can be used very easily. The WordPress can put you in a panic mode sometimes with the errors arising .

On of the best thing about WordPress is the errors you see on the site is already resolved and reported by someone else before you come across. There are numerous errors found in WordPress but Let’s see few of the error and how to fix them.

Internal Server Error, In the WordPress internal server error, usually, appears because of plugin or theme functions and another possible way is when PHP memory limit and corrupted .htaccess file. It is also said that internal server error is shown up when you try to enter the admin area while the all other sites are working fine.

Syntax Error, The message of error indicates that an unexpected thing is found in the code, the location of the script executed, where an error appeared.To fix this error you the correction should be made in the the syntax.usually, it’s an unexpected character in the code written or the missing bracket.

404 Error, Resolving the 404 error issue is very simple you will need to manually update the rewrite rules or reconfigure the permalinks settings.

Memory Exhausted Error, The plugin will drain the whole memory. From the root of WordPress directory open the wp-config.php add the line define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT,’ ‘128M’); this will increase the memory limit so that you get more memory to use.

RSS Feed Error,The poor formatting cause this error. The first thing to do is install Fix My Feed RSS Repair plugin , activate the plugin and say Fix feed. The issue will be resolved.

There are many issues faced for a beginner in the WordPress tool. These are few issues which are commonly seen in the WordPress. Once you know these issues, it’s easy to resolve them.

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