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How To Choose The Right Theme For Your Blog?


The first step to be followed by any aspiring blogger is to use the right template for the right content. If you use a theme that syncs with the mood of the content, then your work is already half complete. There is often confusion while choosing a WordPress Theme. Which is better; Free version or a Premium version? Let your search end here, and you will get to more insight of both versions here.

Merits of Free word press theme, The discussion is about free themes officially listed in the directory of WordPress.org Themes. Now, the primary reason to go for this is, it is absolutely free of cost and not at all inferior in quality and aesthetic appeal. These are presented in the download directory, after a stringent screening process, performed by competitive developers and reviewers. These themes are executed in various application environments and browsers to support all needs.

Demerits of Free wordpress theme

The demerits of free wordpress theme may differ from a user perspective. The support available for the free version is very limited and available only on relevant forums. It comes with standard features and tools. Since it is free, the themes available would be used by many websites or bloggers; hence they will not be unique. There is no warranty available on this.


Merits of Premium wordpress theme

You have all rights to seek a feature for the price you pay. Hence, customizing with user-friendly features is the best advantage of the premium version. You can perform periodic updates, new themes and receive free support for the same. Such themes will be less used amongst the websites. If not, you can customize the theme more to match the taste and end up using a unique one. Make sure to shop around and read reviews online before making a purchase.

Demerits of Premium wordpress theme

Few versions can be imperfect due to poor coding and incompatibility with the environments. Overloaded features can slow down the performance. In some cases, you may end paying a higher price and receive a feature that mostly doesn’t serve your purpose.

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