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Tips To Expertise WordPress Editor In Visuals


When considered all the parts of the admin area,the maximum time spent is of visual editing writing.To an expert in this, here are few tips.

The kitchen sink button is the last button in the only row of buttons. Click on it to see another row of buttons to perform other operations to your WordPress.It is advised to know keyboard shortcuts as to reduce the burden to move the mouse every time to perform functions like cut, copy, paste, redo, undo, bold, etc. The Spacing between paragraphs and line in WordPress is simple and easy. In the visual editor, press enter key to add a new paragraph. By default, it will take double line spacing.Shift+Enter key gives you single line spacing.

In the Post editor rearrangement, The Post editor screen has other categories, known by Metaboxes.This helps in focusing what you want by the show and hide items from post edit screen which can be rearranged to.Wordpress gives you full screen writing without any distraction.Just a few clicks on the full screen; your post edit is in full-screen mode. To emphasize the content in WordPress to bring attention, WordPress gives you to change font size into paragraph texts, headings, etc. To Add columns, there is no default solution to write in multiple columns on the page.You can switch to text mode; HTML writing will create columns.


To Create tables in WordPress using online tables ,you can add tables. As there is no default table button to add tables, you will have to insert it from online.The video hosts like youtube or video are suggested to add videos on WordPress. All you have to do is uploading to youtube and paste URL in, the post editor.

The difficulty in alignment or in starting a new line after an image, HTML switch is the easy solution. ’Text’ click on this button to switch to HTML.

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