The dangers of baby monitors and how you can prevent them being hacked

We use baby monitors because we want to ensure the safety of our babies wherever we go. Back then, baby monitors only reflected the noise the baby creates. If there was no noise, it meant the baby was sleeping. When the baby was awake and started crying, the monitor would alert the parents right away.

Modern monitors are a lot better as they now have videos. You don’t just listen to your baby, but you also see your baby from the screen. It means you can easily see what is going on. Even when you are at work, you can check the situation at home. This makes you even more confident. You know that wherever you may go, you can easily determine what is going on.

Though this seems like a good thing, the problem with video monitors these days is that they can be hacked. As they are connected to the Internet, there is a chance that hackers could actually penetrate the baby monitor and do something you don’t even want to imagine. Let us find out how these monitors can be hacked.

Hidden accounts

Usually, there are hidden accounts in the monitors that are used for admin support. In the event that problems occur, you can call the customer service and they can fix the problem remotely. The problem is that no matter how difficult the coding is, hackers can easily break into the system. This gives them an access to the camera which poses great risks.


You might think that your baby monitor has password and so it is secured. The truth is that the default password that was used can be hacked and this can give them access to the monitor. There are even some brands that don’t have encryption. This makes it even easier for these hackers to penetrate the system.

What should you do?

Since these problems were exposed a couple of years ago, there were changes done in order to protect the parents and their babies. As a buyer, you need to make sure that you don’t suffer the same fate as those parents whose monitors have been hacked. Here are some tips that you can follow.

  • Buy directly from the company instead of buying second-hand monitors or those that were sold in recycle shops. They are safer and you can guarantee that no one else has accessed them before you.
  • Upon receipt of the product, you have to register it. Don’t use it without registration. This will ensure that it receives software updates designed to improve security.
  • Change the password right away. While you are still at the store, you need to ask how the password can be changed. Don’t rely on the default password for too long. Make sure the password is long and unique enough that no one can access it.
  • Firewall your privacy. Hire a professional to do it in all your internet connections and all the devices you use at home.
  • Turn off the baby monitors when not in use. Hackers can easily penetrate when the monitor is on and dull.

To top it all, you have to buy only the best video baby monitor. There are reliable brands that you can partner with. This is a serious issue that you just can’t take lightly.

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